Limited Edition Print - Nightwave (Individually Numbered)

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Art pulled straight from the cutscene animations of Fallen Aces. Hand numbered and with a signature from the artist, Francis Xie. Only 250 will ever be made of this print.

11" x 17" 


These are printed on archival quality paper (details below) to order by our buddies at Klein, a fine art studio specializing in high quality art prints. As such, they will ship separately to the rest of your order. You should follow the below instructions to ensure your print stays in top condition:

  • Giclée print with archival pigment ink on 300gsm Klein Smooth Rag, 100% cotton paper.

  • Only unwrap the print when you're ready to frame it and have a clean surface ready to rest it on.

  • Use clean hands and pick it up by the edges/handling borders so you avoid touching the printed area as fingerprints can mark the artwork.

  • Use both hands to support the print and ensure it doesn't bend, it's heavyweight paper so any creases will be permanent.

  • If there's a speck of dust this can be removed using compressed air. Avoid trying to wipe off dust with your hands or blowing on it as you could damage the print with scratches or moisture.

  • If your print has been rolled for shipping it will flatten out perfectly over time. Be sure to remove the sealing sticker/tape gently whilst supporting the roll with your other hand so you don't get the sticky side touching the print as it uncurls.

  • Be careful to protect the printed image if you are adding any weights to the corners to flatten it.

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